Let’s Taco ‘Bout It (Black Bean Taco)


Blurry pic! My black bean soft taco.

How did it taste? Pretty okay. I ended up making two and I gobbled both of them up. The cheese and garlic powder gave it the bit of saltiness that it (or maybe I) needed due to the lack of meat. The red onions were not cooked too much; they still had some crunch to them, which I actually liked.

What should I have done differently? I definitely should have used better ingredients. Although my taco tasted decent, it was a little on the trashy side… maybe a step above Taco Bell? I didn’t really go all out on this one, and I feel a little guilty for that. The roma tomato and red onion were both fresh. However, I just bought pre-shredded lettuce and Mexican cheese. You can thank my laziness for that one. I should have just bought an actual head of lettuce and a block of queso and shredded it myself. Also, some cilantro probably would have been nice too (thanks for the tips, thesisterslice)!

I think I’m gonna go with “success” for this one… especially after last week’s failure!


No Doritos. No locos. Just tacos. (Black Bean Taco)


Yes, I’ll be cooking black bean tacos this week! The secret ingredient that is the legume will be replacing the beef (or whatever meat) in what would be an ordinary taco. That’s right, another vegetarian meal (I’m getting kind of tired of them!).

I love tacos, but the biggest appeal of the taco (at least to me) is the meat. So, I’d better cook up some damn good beans in order to enjoy this thing. Hopefully my black heart will be able to accept these black beans as a substitute. Please look forward to it!