Sorry! I flubbed up the schedule.

I had barely any time this week to cook and post! Finals and celebrations and such. I’ll definitely have some time to start posting this upcoming week, though. So sorry again for running off course. See you guys soon! I promise those mushroom sliders will be coming right up.

Catch you soon!


Hard-boiled School

Hey everyone!

Just letting you know that midterms and finals are among us! As such, it might be a little difficult for Ryan, Will, and I to be posting on a standardized schedule (lame I know). So before we can kick these recipes’ asses, we must first get our own asses kicked by tests and the such. Just kidding, think positively! We’ll do well on our midterms and finals, we assure you, so long as we study.

We’ll try to do our best to post regularly, but university is our sole master for now. Not that we won’t be cooking during that time, mind you; we just may post at odd intervals. Study schedules and habits are tight, especially for Ryan and Will. My finals are next week, so after that, expect regularity in your lives again. Ryan and Will’s finals come up in a month, though! So we may not see much from them, depending! Ryan has actually confirmed that he will not post until his summer starts. Remember, education first!

So until those dog days hit, our gears will slow down a bit as we go lenient on the grease. Fret not, we’ll be sizzling and sauteing on a regular basis soon enough.

Also, stay in school, kids.

– Eric

Welcome to Just the Tri-tip!

Hi! Eric here.

Welcome to the site! I’d like to introduce Ryan, Will, and myself. We’re novices in the world of cooking, but we’d like to try and fix that. We are poor college students, as I’m sure 99% of students are, and we’re tired of eating the same old cheap crap! Easy Mac? Blech. McDonald’s? No coronary artery disease for me, please! Chicken in a Biskit? Well I’m still fond of that actually… But no more!

Watch our gradual (hopefully) progression as we strive to eventually make the finest of foods. Beware, there’s probably going to be a lot of things that catch on fire as we delve deep into the anomaly that is the stove… but that’s part of the fun, right? Let’s just hope we stay in the frying pan and not the fire, eh?

As for how this works, each of us will be preparing a dish of the week! Here’s the catch, though. Well, catches. First, there will be a base ingredient that we will all have to use, whether it’s bread, chicken, mushroom, or whatever food item we can think of. Second, we will all be deciding on what the others have to cook. So no picking super easy dishes! As the week progresses, we will announce what the ingredient is, what we will be making, what our steps were, and what the final product looks like… along with a reflection of how we think it went. There will be plenty of pictures and videos too!

Before I forget, hats off to Ryan and Will for coming up with the idea for the blog and the name respectively.

We’ll be starting this madness next week!

We hope you enjoy our journey into what seems like the culinary wilderness beyond. We strive for the day when we will finally be able to say, “I masticated my own tri-tip!”

— Eric