No Doritos. No locos. Just tacos. (Black Bean Taco)


Yes, I’ll be cooking black bean tacos this week! The secret ingredient that is the legume will be replacing the beef (or whatever meat) in what would be an ordinary taco. That’s right, another vegetarian meal (I’m getting kind of tired of them!).

I love tacos, but the biggest appeal of the taco (at least to me) is the meat. So, I’d better cook up some damn good beans in order to enjoy this thing. Hopefully my black heart will be able to accept these black beans as a substitute. Please look forward to it!


Portable Portabella (Mushroom Sliders)


HOORAH! Mushroom sliders!

Yeah, that’s what I’m making this week. Mushrooms are a pretty meaty vegetable… well fungus, I guess. So, it’d be perfect to substitute the beef in a slider with a mushroom right? Probably easier to cook too.

Why the hell do they call them sliders anyway? Is it easier to slide down your throat? Hmm… Dirty thoughts. And that’ll be all for this post. I hope you guys look forward to this week!

P.S. After this week, my finals will be done! Gone! Conquered! So expect the utmost quality of posts coming up. I know, I know. I’m setting myself up for failure.

Eggplant: To Stir or Fry (or Both)?


They’ve spoken! And my challenge for the week is eggplant stir-fry.

I like eggplants. I do. That’s why it’s a shame I never really get many chances to eat the stuff. Now that I get to make a meal based around the vegetable, I’m pretty excited!

And what is a stir-fry exactly? Just stirring a medley of veggies in a pan while I fry them up? Seems easy enough…. Okay after looking it up, it looks like I might have to toss the ingredients. Great. Get ready for greasy ceilings, everyone.

Enter the Tamagoyaki

Yes, I made a (probably unnoticeable) reference to Enter the Dragon, and no, I won’t pretend to be Bruce Lee in my video. However, I will be attempting to make this interesting, Japanese dish in my very own kitchen. So get ready audience, Ryan, and Eric (the one who chose this for me), because I’m going to make the absolute BEST folded egg you have ever seen.

Storm the Beach! Cook the French Toast!

What’s my egg-based recipe, you ask? Well, my friends have decided, and it’s french toast! Qui!

I love french toast. It’s eggy. It’s bready. It’s delicious. Who will win out in this battle? Me or french toast? Either way, I’ll try my best to hold out in this revolution. Time to ready the fork and guillotine… er, knife.