Let’s Taco ‘Bout It (Black Bean Taco)


Blurry pic! My black bean soft taco.

How did it taste? Pretty okay. I ended up making two and I gobbled both of them up. The cheese and garlic powder gave it the bit of saltiness that it (or maybe I) needed due to the lack of meat. The red onions were not cooked too much; they still had some crunch to them, which I actually liked.

What should I have done differently? I definitely should have used better ingredients. Although my taco tasted decent, it was a little on the trashy side… maybe a step above Taco Bell? I didn’t really go all out on this one, and I feel a little guilty for that. The roma tomato and red onion were both fresh. However, I just bought pre-shredded lettuce and Mexican cheese. You can thank my laziness for that one. I should have just bought an actual head of lettuce and a block of queso and shredded it myself. Also, some cilantro probably would have been nice too (thanks for the tips, thesisterslice)!

I think I’m gonna go with “success” for this one… especially after last week’s failure!


… to a Crisp (Mushroom Slider)


Yuck. Not yummy. Yuck.

The red onions and roma tomato? Awesome. Fresh. You can’t mess that one up. You just slice it up and you’re done. The garlic spread? It was a brand name… I don’t really remember which company, though. Hidden Valley? Whatever (that’s how I felt about the spread too. The bread? Well, it wasn’t great quality. I think it was a generic brand. It was… eh. Seemed like a means to end really. Just there to hold together the pieces. Now for the big mistake…

Wanna know what really ruined my mushroom slider? It’s the only ingredient left: the mushroom. Er, I shouldn’t say it was the mushroom itself. It was how I actually prepared it. Seasoning was probably fine. However, I burnt the damn thing to hell. When I took the portobello out of the pan, it was the saddest looking thing on this side of Earth. It was shriveled and burnt to a crisp. It was like eating bacon without the salty flavorful goodness of bacon. I guess next time I’ll lower the heat or cooking time. It was sad, but I learned something at least!

Egg(plant) On My Face (Eggplant Stir-fry)

Ta-da! A red and brownish vegetable medley. What do you guys think? I don’t think it looks too bad!

It wasn’t inedible either. I certainly stuffed my face with it for dinner, although I was pretty hungry. That’s not to say it tasted it was the best eggplant I’ve ever had, though. Honestly, the presentation was probably better than my execution, but you’ll hear more about that tomorrow!

Oh yeah, no video this week. Sorry! Didn’t bother taking it, as I didn’t want to spend time editing. I’m going to be crazy busy until the end of next week. I’ll start taking video again soon, though!

For now, I’ve got essays to write. Later!

French Toast Finale

Here you guys go… the finished product.


Looks pretty decent, don’t you think? Or maybe that’s denial on my part.

Anyway, before you dig into this video, just know that it’s really awkward. I need to learn to speak better in front of and behind the camera. Also this is practically my first time editing a video. And the footage is from an iPhone…. Okay enough excuses. Enjoy! You’ll hear my reflections tomorrow.