Week 3: Mushroom


Hey Everyone!

I see that Eric did not post a video for the eggplant challenge (Lame, am I right?) Just kidding, as I haven’t posted ANYTHING. I know, and I apologize. I actually want to thank Eric for an amazing job in keeping everyone informed of our unfortunate, current life obstacle (some strange institution called school), and for actually keeping up with the promised cooking schedule. I’ll be sure to post everything (videos, included) once I have more time, and Ryan will do the same.

ANYWAY, no more excuses and explanations. This week’s secret ingredient: MUSHROOM. That’s right, every Californian has experience with ‘shrooms, and we wish to embrace the culture this week… legally. So, join us on this magical journey, as we try to add our fungi friends to our culinary repertoire.


Enter the Tamagoyaki

Yes, I made a (probably unnoticeable) reference to Enter the Dragon, and no, I won’t pretend to be Bruce Lee in my video. However, I will be attempting to make this interesting, Japanese dish in my very own kitchen. So get ready audience, Ryan, and Eric (the one who chose this for me), because I’m going to make the absolute BEST folded egg you have ever seen.