About the Blog

Welcome to Just the Tri-Tip: a blog about three culinary-addled men’s journey through the kitchen!

Join Ryan, Will and Eric as they attempt to move on from nutritionally-deprived microwaveables to five-star gourmet entrees through the art of cooking. These poor souls have about as much experience in cooking as a rat. If the film Ratatouille has taught them anything though, it’s that anyone can be a great chef. And that’s what they aim to be, or die trying (expect some fires in the kitchen).

Every week, these back-alley cooks will pick one ingredient to focus on (Iron Chef anyone?), and they will each serve up a dish based on that ingredient. Watch and see just how much they improve with each passing meal. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (though that may be just the onions), and you’ll cheer as they make asses of themselves. Have fun, gourmands!


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