Measure Twice, Cut Once… (Eggplant Stir-fry)

Now that I’ve tasted my own eggplant dish, here are my impressions.

Meh. Nothing bad, but nothing good. Very average. I ended up eating it all though. Not too bad though, considering this is my second dish for this blog and my first time stir-frying something. Hell, I wasn’t even quite sure what stir-frying exactly was….

First, we’ll start with my eggplant. I cut most of my pieces waaaaaay too thick! As a result it took much longer than it should have to cook all the way through. Some were even a tad bit raw on the inside still. The thinner pieces tasted pretty decent however. My proportions were way off too. I decided to not follow through with the recipe religiously. I used one eggplant instead of four… I should’ve probably either used four or cut down my other ingredients to one-fourth of what they should’ve been. Oh well. Live and learn.

I think I did a good job with the peppers, to say the least. They were a little thicker than what the recipe called for, but it didn’t really affect the stir-fry method. They also gave my dish that little extra kick that it needed. Besides the sauce, at least.

As for the garlic… I should’ve put way less! It was overpowering but not enough to completely destroy the dish, you know?

Then we have the sauce which was a mixture of oyster sauce, sesame oil, and sugar, which was pretty damn good. I could probably put that on other Chinese cuisines…. Salty and little sweet!

Though it was nothing too special, it at least looked like eggplant stir-fry, and I’m pretty happy about that.

Gotta go! Still got essays and essays to write.


One thought on “Measure Twice, Cut Once… (Eggplant Stir-fry)

  1. I actually laughed out loud while reading your post. So honest. I love it. I couldn’t count how many times have I have ended up eating all of a meal that didn’t turn out. Thanks for checking out my blog today. I’m going to follow your blog!

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