Hard-boiled School

Hey everyone!

Just letting you know that midterms and finals are among us! As such, it might be a little difficult for Ryan, Will, and I to be posting on a standardized schedule (lame I know). So before we can kick these recipes’ asses, we must first get our own asses kicked by tests and the such. Just kidding, think positively! We’ll do well on our midterms and finals, we assure you, so long as we study.

We’ll try to do our best to post regularly, but university is our sole master for now. Not that we won’t be cooking during that time, mind you; we just may post at odd intervals. Study schedules and habits are tight, especially for Ryan and Will. My finals are next week, so after that, expect regularity in your lives again. Ryan and Will’s finals come up in a month, though! So we may not see much from them, depending! Ryan has actually confirmed that he will not post until his summer starts. Remember, education first!

So until those dog days hit, our gears will slow down a bit as we go lenient on the grease. Fret not, we’ll be sizzling and sauteing on a regular basis soon enough.

Also, stay in school, kids.

– Eric

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